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Jeff Slater

Co-Founder; Executive; Consultant; Coach

Jeff Slater is a 30 + year global corporate and consulting leader with extensive knowledge of the alcohol, restaurant, and food and beverage distribution industries.  Much of the content of Tetricsity is based on his learnings from working for large global consumer goods companies in the US and Europe as both an executive and as a consultant. Tetricsity is a result of integrating that deep content knowledge with his co-founders’ research, technical, and test design expertise. “Tetricsity is Simplicity” is more than a slogan to Jeff. It is a response to his own experiences and a commitment to leaders, managers, and human capital professionals to provide tools that really make a difference without burdening them and their organizations with needless complexity and communication challenges.

Jonas Neuhengen


Jonas has a master’s in I/O psychology and specializes in adverse impact analysis, statistical analysis and test development, which complements his strengths in programming and web development. This highly productive combination not only provides Tetrcisity with a great I/O psychologist, but also ensures that all web based products offered by Tetrcisity are designed and built with an end user’s perspective.

Avi Fleischer


Avi is a Ph.D. in I/O psychology with a focus in psychometrics and methodology. Unlike a typical psychometrician and methodologist, he provides a unique view on test development and validation procedures. He is constantly pushing the envelope and developing new and unique methods for assessing people which get at the information organizations and leaders need in a fast, rich and simple way for all parties to understand. This drive is what brought him to IS&C Technologies. Breaking away from conventional competency systems which are slow, rigid and complicated and creating a system that is quick to deploy, flexible, intuitive for everyone. Doing this while ensuring that the system meets all the standard psychometric principles.


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